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About Us

Clerk E-Certify is a fully automated online digital certification service for Court Records.

With Clerk E-Certify, users can order and immediately receive certified copies of final judgments, land records, court records and other public documents through a secure web portal.

With Clerk E-Certify, recipients at government agencies, public institutions, banks and other entities can easily authenticate the electronic certificates and confirm that the documents were not altered.

With Clerk E-Certify, local governments take steps to serve an increasingly digital society and tackle document fraud while dramatically increase efficiency at the Clerk's offices.

  • Online
  • Real-time
  • Convenient
  • Secure
  • Efficient
  • Environmental friendly


We are always seeking ways to make our services convenient for our customers and e-certified court records are an excellent way to decrease lines at the Clerk’s office.

E-Certify is also safer than traditional certifications because they allow the receiver to verify the document they received is the official copy.

  • The Honorable Kevin C. Karnes, Clerk of the Court and Comptroller, Lee County Florida

Digital Signature

Each electronic certification is digitally signed by the Clerk of the Courts. Clerk E-Certify safeguards the document's integrity by employing advanced cryptographic technologies.

E-Verify by Code

Users may simply scan the QR code on a printed copy and download the original record from Clerk E-Certify to view and compare them side by side.

E-Verify via File Upload

Users may upload an electronic certificate and Clerk E-Certify will perform an automated authentication.

E-Verify Video

Applying state-of-the-art digital encryption algorithms, Clerk E-Certify offers the most advanced document security for online certification service.

E-Verify Corner

Clerk E-Certify provides two fast and easy ways to verify and authenticate printed copies and electronic certified copies.

Receipt Lookup

Clerk E-Certify provides an easy way to look up your order status.

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